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“Òleo Men’s Salon,” a gem born from a Puerto Rican dream, graced the city streets. Its owner, a Puerto Rican immigrant, carved his legacy with every clip and trim in the bustling shop. Within those walls, industry terms transformed into stories, scissors waltzed with hair strands, and razors painted precise lines. “Òleo,” an ode to fluidity, echoed the owner’s journey of self-discovery.

In this haven, the team radiated a familial bond. Barbers weren’t mere stylists; they were confidants, artists, and friends. Amid buzz and snip, the hum of camaraderie filled the air, welcoming everyone into the embrace of belonging.

Selflessness was their heartbeat. Coat drives warmed winters, sponsorships nurtured dreams on local fields, and “Community Cut Day” funded school supplies. Each trim, each shave, builds bridges a stronger community.

The spirit of Puerto Rico thrived, infusing salsa rhythms and savory scents into the atmosphere. “Holiday Shear Love” meant free grooming for the less fortunate, turning salon chairs into thrones of renewed spirits.

In the heart of the city, Òleo Men’s Salon is more than a place for grooming; it was a symphony of unity. From Puerto Rico to the US, a journey of hope unfolded, etching a haven where industry, family, and community converges.

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We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers to generate well-being and satisfaction in them. Creating a family atmosphere through services and attention characterized by excellence. Also, we look for the personal and professional development of each of the members of our Company. Always focused on the art of good service and guaranteed attention.


Our vision is become the best option in the market as a beauty salon for men, recognized locally and nationally. For providing services and updated and complete products in the area of beauty, fashion and masculine aesthetics. In addition to stand out for our vocation to serve our customers and community.


  • Pursue Growth and learning
  • Passion – inspire others with your thirst for excellence
  • Customer commitment – develop long lasting relationships
  • Teamwork – work together, to meet the needs of our customers
  • A commitment to integrity, fairness and responsibility

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